About Me


I am Eleonora Nelli, a licensed tour guide of Florence and the surrounding area.
I have a BA from the University of Florence in Archaeology and History of Art of the Ancient Near and Middle East (2006).

Between 1999 and 2007 I took part in many archaeological digs in Italy.
I am passionate about archaeology, history of art (Renaissance art in particular) and photography, and I enjoy reading and travelling.

I was born and bred in Florence and I am proud to belong to this beautiful and vibrant city.
I love Florence and it is with immense pleasure and honour that I show and explain to my clients its artistic and historical treasures.
There are a vast number of masterpieces and artistic wonders both in Florence and in its surroundings: some of them are known all over the world and others are less famous but similarly precious.
If you would like to be guided by me , I will try to put all my experience, knowledge, passion, energy and enthusiasm at your disposal, and will let you discover the most renowned attractions but also all the curiosities and "secret" places (that are less famous but equally charming) of Florence and the surrounding province.

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