Gira Firenze! Discover Florence!

Firenze by night

Welcome to Florence... be prepared for a memorable experience!!!

This website is dedicated to Florence, one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world, and to all those who wish to know it more in depth led by a certified tour guide.
Regardless whether you are Italian, or even a Florentine citizen born and bred, or whether you are foreigner I can guarantee you that there is always something to discover in this charming city and also in its surrounding area.
If you wish, I will take you to the discovery of Florence (and its surrounding area), and of its masterpieces, well known as well as not, and I will share with you all my experience, my knowledge and my passion!
There are countless books written about my city but nothing can compare with a proper guided tour with a true Florentine citizen who will unveil all the secrets of Florence and will help you deepen your knowledge interacting with you and answering all your questions!
So.. what are you waiting for? Have a look at the itineraries that I suggest and get in touch! I am ready to make your stay in Florence (whether short or long) an unforgettable experience!
In addition to the itineraries suggested on my website, personalised tours are available to accommodate your needs.

Visit Florence with Eleonora Nelli (certified tour guide of Florence and surrounding area)!!

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